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Closing Report

ECSCRM-2012 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia was held from September 2, 2012 through September 6, 2012. More than 500 attendees from 26 countries have participated in the conference. Closing statistics .


The goal of the conference is to present and discuss recent advances in theoretical and experimental investigations of crystal growth, characterization and control of material properties, as well as other basic research issues concerning silicon carbide (SiC) and other related materials such as III-nitrides wide bandgap semiconductors or graphene grown on SiC. New research results relevant to wafer production processes, device fabrication technologies and device applications will be also discussed.

The objective is to promote the production and commercialization of advanced devices, sensors and systems used for high temperature operation, high voltage, high frequency and high power amplification, as well as radiation hard operation.

The conference will be acting as an international forum for the exchange of ideas on recent scientific and technical issues among researches and engineers from both industrial and academic sectors.



  • Fundamentals (theoretical and experimental)
  • Bulk and epitaxial growth
  • New materials grown on SiC (graphene, III-N compounds, and diamond)
  • Material characterization
  • Surfaces and interfaces
  • Device fabrication processes
  • Devices (power switching, RF power, high-temperature and radiation-resistant devices and sensors, etc.)
  • Device physics (measurement, modelling, simulation and reliability)
  • Packaging and modular technology
  • Circuits and applications

Important Dates

Abstracts submission open February 15, 2012
Abstracts submission deadline April 20, 2012
Abstracts submission deadline (extended) April 30, 2012
Notice of acceptance May 21, 2012
Early registration open March 15, 2012
Registration deadline (reduced fee) June 30, 2012
Discounted hotel reservation open March 29, 2012
Discounted hotel reservation deadline July 31, 2012
Visa support deadline July 31, 2012
Late news deadline July 15, 2012
Late news, notice of acceptance July 30, 2012
Manuscrips submission deadline September 1, 2012

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